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1051 W. Belmont Chicago, IL 60657

Our overall y vision Is to normalize therapy, particularly in Black neighborhoods, where therapy is stigmatized and considered taboo, and where disparities and injustice have long-been the standard. Whilst supporting the community, we also aim to educate and inform our counterparts and allies.

In order to address one’s mental health needs, we must first acknowledge and help to resolve that which is rooted in poor mental, cognitive, and behavioral issues in our communities. Lack of access to quality healthcare, economic stability, resources, and basic survival needs, plague individuals and families alike, making it a challenge to be receptive of therapy and its benefits.  

When we are suffering, there is also typically the unmet need of community, acceptance, and love. We meet people where they’re at, so that we can help them realize a better future rooted in strong mental health. Addressing survival needs in high-poverty neighborhoods, provides safety and begins to clear the path for one to embrace and consider the many forms of healing. We take pride in physically showing up in our community. It’s how we began and it’s a promise we intend to keep.